Direct Mail Marketing and Every Door Direct Mail Marketing are very effective types of marketing for medical professionals. From plastic surgeons to cosmetic dentists, almost any medical professional can benefit from a direct mail marketing campaign.

How does it work?  What is direct mail marketing?  What’s the difference between “direct mail marketing” and “every door direct mail marketing”?

To put it simply, direct mail marketing is sending mailers/postcards with promotional offers to people to their homes like we did before the internet.  People still respond to paper mail, even in the age of mobile apps, email, and Google.  We design the postcards and customize them for your business, and then send them to people within your target area based on selected demographics.  Every Door Direct Mail marketing is a more affordable way to send out your promotions dropping a postcard at every door within chosen routes.  Direct Mail marketing is a bit more expensive since you are customizing each postcard to specific people based on chosen demographics.  Both are very effective strategies but differ in the way they are tracked and customized.

No Contracts, Program Fees, or Long-Term Commitments!

One Flat Rate for All Services – design, printing, labeling, and postage.

Free Tracking Phone Number.

High Quality Print – full color on both sides with glossy, heavy card stock.

*Some restriction may apply


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